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2D Matrix Coding

2D Matrix coding is a series of etched marks that allows parts, surgical instruments and many other products to be tracked. This high capacity, two dimensional (2D) Data Matrix code computerized system has become standard practice for the medical, aerospace and military defense industries to track and inventory their assets.

The medical field especially hospitals use 2D Matrix Coding to identify and trace each individual surgical tool as it is used, sterilized and stored within the hospital. As well as the obvious benefit of tracing specific instruments to procedures carried out on individual patients, this new system will enhance the hospital's capacity for asset management

Our laser system was built with UID-unique identification creator. This functionality allows J&M Laser Engraving to precisely generate and mark a compliant Data Matrix symbol of the required data set on any required item. This allows any company or industry to take their inventory and asset management processes to the next level.